Customer reviews

"After a year with my Ifor Williams B511, life with horses is so much more fun! My horses all self-load and my young mare will take herself out of the paddock, down the drive and onto the float all by herself! My thoroughbred who I bought as a horse that ‘didn’t float’ is now relaxed and travels perfectly. The welcoming, non-slip, wide ramp made float training my yearling a breeze. I appreciate that the Ifor Williams is aluminium so rust isn’t an issue and that despite having a huge amount of space inside, it is half a tonne lighter than other the horse float brands. This means that I save on fuel costs and towing two horses is the same weight as towing one in another type of float. I’ve driven 4 hours south to Taupo and 4 hours to the Far North and my horse has been comfortable and relaxed. I love that the float has nothing poking out for the horses to bang themselves on, and it’s easy to clean. Thanks also for your fantastic customer service. 10 out of 10."

Thank you guys so much again. You were all a pleasure to deal with. Thank you so much with moving the pick-up date forward that was such a huge help with such a busy month ahead for us. So thrilled with the float glad to have it home such a joy to tow!

“Southern Trailers were exceptionally helpful during the purchase of my Ifor Williams HB511 double horse-float and took the time to explain all the features when I collected the float. Their service is really great, and it is no wonder that people recommend them by name. My horses are very confident and comfortable in the Ifor float; my young horse has begun self-loading and is impatient to get in and go, and my 16.2hh thoroughbred who was previously extremely difficult to float is now loading on the first try and travelling calmly. It is very reassuring having all the horse float safety design features on the Ifor Williams. I’m very happy both with the float and with the helpful attention from Southern Trailers. Fabulous!”
Hi James.

Its arrived. Yay!!!!

And I just want to say a big THANK YOU!!!!

It's absolutely perfect. I used it this morning and it is awesome! I am very impressed with these floats. It’s the little details that matter and the Ifor Williams is stacked with little features that make floating easier and far safer.

These are a very well designed float!!!!!!! I am so happy. Thanks, you heaps for everything and also Alan, who I was stalking daily for updates on delivery.

I hired a float yesterday for my lesson and really, I wish I hadn’t. It was quite small for my big boy. It had a ramp and the top part above the ramp opened up. I floated to the lesson OK but when I came home, I had the top part above the ramp closed down. When I came home, one of the handles to open it had completely locked up and I couldn’t get it open and I couldn’t get my horse out.

I actually considered having to cut my horse out of the float. It was very very frightening. It took us 45 mins to get it open, but finally, with CRC and multi-grip, we managed to turn it. It gave me such a fright that I couldn’t use it today.

Thank god the Ifor Williams has arrived and I know that I will never have an issue like that with this float.

Thank you, James !!!!

I will be in touch when its time to upgrade. Have a great day!
Hi James,

We are going to a big showjumping event with the float next week, just wondered if you have any brochures you could send me and we can have them on display for you.

I love my float by the way! I was talking to my farrier (John Arthur) yesterday and he has one also and he just raved about it.

If you have any brochures or pamphlets you can send them to us to further promote this product.
Ridir Clothing Ltd
Hi James,

Took the float out for the first time today and went out to Waitoki. Absolutely delighted and horse travelled well hardly knew I was towing a float. Sold my old float for $5750 so I am happy as my new float is such good value.

You now have a convert and will spread the word

Kind regards
Anita Kenny
Hi there

I finally got to take my lovely new float out today and it was so awesome to tow when loaded. I even had to do some heavy braking - stupid road works - and it was so steady and I didn't even hear or feel the horse move.
Hi there

Just thought I would give you some feedback – so far. I finally got around to loading my belligerent Clydie X on yesterday. It was great to be able to open the partition so much when he loaded, I found the rear bar easy and quick to attach even though it is still unfamiliar and then I was amazed at how much room he had either side so it is substantially wider than my Fieldline. The higher front bar position is not too high for him, as my friend thought it might be, Sam was a little confused when I asked him to walk forwards but it was no problem and I found the ramp was a nice width even when he was unsure and rushed a bit. All in all a successful day so I will try with both on Wednesday weather permitting.

I couldn’t remember where the pin for the jockey wheel goes so I will need to figure that out before I take it somewhere. I think I would like to be able to tie both at the rear of the float - one on each side - so can you tell me what I need for this. Cheers
Susan Vuilleumier
Thank you so much, James, the cable arrived first thing this morning

Expectations exceeded (once again)

One of the reasons we purchased 'new' was because borrowing floats usually ended with damage costing more than the hireage fee! We wanted a situation where any damage was easily fixed, with genuine parts, in a timely fashion and wasn't just a total waste of money!

The Ifor Williams team, on hearing of the broken cable, immediately dispatched a replacement, so in less than 24 hours we were ready to roll again. I think we'll purchase another cable to keep in our toolbox, just in case we forget to disconnect it again

Thank you so much for making floating our horses an enjoyable experience. I thoroughly recommend purchasing an Ifor Williams for peace of mind equine transport.
Anne D
Thanks for everything. I seldom buy sight unseen but on this occasion felt comfortable with it and I am happy with the product, It towed home really nice. I really appreciate the no-fuss way the sale and purchase occurred, thank you. Could you confirm the ramps will be sufficient strength for a 2.7-ton tractor
Dear James,

Bronwyn and I just wanted to write and say thank you for all your help while purchasing the float.

We appreciate all the efforts in presenting this in great order and we are very happy with it.

I am sure Bronwyn will be a great advocate for the Ifor Williams floats
Hi James

I bought an Ifor Williams HB511 from Southern Trailers in August. I am just writing to say how thrilled I am with my new float. On its first outing, I used the float to help transport a very green and opinionated horse for a friend. We put the front ramp down and the mare, who had never successfully floated before, just walked calmly through for a couple of circuits and once she saw there was nothing to fear about being inside the float and no need to pull back when she could just walk on out the front without any stress she was a dream to load!

My friend was so impressed with the Ifor Williams front ramp system she said: "I hope you paid a million bucks for that float because that is what it is worth!".

The next customer was my own mare. Having been a bit funny about loading lately I was relieved when she too loaded beautifully into the Ifor Williams (again thanks to the front ramp system). But the real breakthrough was the way she travelled in it. I have always needed to travel my mare with a 3/4 bar in the past in my old Thoroughbred because if she couldn't spread her hind legs then she fell over. This meant that I could only ever travel her by herself in the Thoroughbred as the 3/4 bar didn't leave enough room for another horse to travel alongside her. But in my new 511 Ifor Williams, the float is wide enough and stable enough so that she no longer scrambles at all. She travels beautifully in it and we can finally float her with another pony which makes life so much easier.

I am so happy with the float - everything about it is functional and well-considered. If you ever need a testimonial I would be happy to provide one.

All the best.
Stacy Gregg
Hi James

I thought I should let you know how pleased we are with the float. We took it for its first outing on Sunday and I was really pleased with the way it towed with a horse in it - very steady and stable ( unlike the JR one which seemed to sway the car around a bit, and it was supposed to be good for towing).

Also, we were very impressed with the amount of room in it, even with our long horse in - much more than we had anticipated. Another thing that I liked (which I hadn't noticed before), was the matting. The ribbing in the main mat is very narrow and deep which should give the horses a lot of grip, especially compared to other non-slip mats. All round, many design features that make it an excellent float, and you have another very satisfied customer.

Kind regards
Hi James and Christine

Just thought I'd let you know that the 511 is now well and truly part of the family. Mary Horse did sniff it for a second or two before loading herself on, but soon changed the 'new' smell to 'poo' smell, so she is very happy with it.

'twas a lovely experience purchasing a quality product from people who believe in it.

Thank you, I feel so blessed with our New Ifor William Trailer. It handles high Loads, high Speed and I can't even feel that it is on the Back of our Transporter.

Tonight my Neighbour Karl Fenton came over, and asked: "Tom you got a new Trailer, Mate"? Then he said we have 2 Ifor William Trailers at work, they are the best in the World Mate!

I thank God for your trailers and your friendly advice and Service. Woohoo !

Kind Regards,