About Southern Trailers

Ifor and ChristineSouthern Trailers is made up of a small team of four Hefin, Christine, James & Claire who all strive to make every customer experience unique and personable. After six extensive research visits to New Zealand over the last 15 years, Hefin and Chrisitne chose Cambridge in the Waikato as a home and base for their business.

HefinHefin was brought up on a North Wales sheep farm, coincidentally in the next village to where Ifor Williams commenced his trailer business, "my father knew Ifor from the outset of his trailer manufacturing, when he used his livestock trailers to take sheep from farm to market".

Hefin has been in business in the UK for over 35 years buying and selling farm tractors and earth moving equipment, using the Ifor Williams range of trailers for this purpose. Over the years he has also been heavily involved in the purchasing and retail of large commercial trailers and his company is the No. 1 used trailer sales operator in the UK today www.hlldavies.co.uk.

ChristineChristine, brought up on the Wirral peninsular in Heswall, was employed by Midland Bank/HSBC for many years before aiding Hefin 'hands on' with his business enterprises.

We believe there is a need in New Zealand for such high quality products as the Ifor Williams horse floats and commercial trailers imported direct from the UK – we have a large selection in stock now.

Hefin and Christine are available to offer personal advice and support – to be successful we know that the Customer is No. 1 in our approach to business. With Hefin's engineering skills and his 'hands on' approach he can explain the benefits of the Ifor Williams manufacturing technology over anything else on the market in NZ.

James and familyJames and his wife Claire grew up in Warwickshire and emigrated to New Zealand in 2010 after holidaying here a couple of times. They saw a real lifetime opportunity to bring a family up in an amazing country where you are able to access and enjoy the great outdoors lifestyle. They have 2 children Rory & Ava and a Black Labrador called Bramble.

James joined the business in 2011 bringing a wealth of specific Ifor Williams trailer experience and knowledge gained from years of “in the field” operation and planned maintenance ensuring his business could always be top of its game. As soon as he could drive an Ifor Williams trailer has followed James pretty much everywhere, something which is continued to this day. From building and running a successful business in the UK, complete customer satisfaction is James’ No 1 goal, going out of his way to make every experience as pleasurable as possible. James will often say “we have the very best products available and continually strive to give and maintain the very best service”

James runs the business on a day to day basis and is very infrequently away from his phone should you need to contact him directly.

Claire who works part time as a radiographer, assists James in the day to day running of the business and very much operates on the belief that customer should be treated as individuals to achieve the best possible customer experience.

“As we are 100% confident of the product, we are able to offer a very attractive re-sale value if and when a customer wishes to sell outright or part exchange for another trailer, regardless of age.” This approach has greatly contributed to the success story of the Ifor Williams range of trailers in Europe – where it is the leading brand of trailer.

As part of our service we would be glad to assist in selling your existing trailer on your behalf, at no cost, if and when you are interested in purchasing a replacement.